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Organizing contests with judges


You need to send them a mail to get access to contest creation.

  • Allow languages
  • Access verification on view
  • Copy pb statement (HTML editor) / select languages / add testcases

Good points:

  • Very functional
  • Interactive evaluation is available (never used it)
  • Possible to have your own solution checker, but it is not that well documented (broken link; had to find it elsewhere on the forum)


  • Don’t forget to start the timer otherwise people won’t be able to submit.

Good points:

  • Great and easy-to-use interface
  • Easy to set up existing problems in minutes
  • Also possible to have your own solution checker (don’t know how it works yet)
  • Possible to export maths as MathML (that can be embedded in SPOJ)

Haven’t tried to add new problems yet. Looking forward to it.