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AI and LLM in education

In my new role as scientific advisor at the French Ministry of Education, I have recently been looking for meta-analyses and RCTs about impact of AI (and LLMs) in education.

Meilleur developpeur de France 2023

Le 9 mars 2023 avait lieu la compétition Meilleur Développeur de France 2023. Les algorithmes nécessaires sont résoudre les problèmes sont assez simples, mais il faut coder rapidement. Après coup, et à tête reposée, voici comment on aurait pu résoudre certains des problèmes.

SWERC 2022 Practice Session - Bloggers

Abstract: Maintain two tables $t_0$, $t_1$. Updates: given $i,j,c$ increment $t_c$ between indices $i$ and $j$. After every update output $\sum_k \max{t_0[k],t_1[k]}$.

Deep Reinforcement Learning

Stable Baselines rely on TF 1.x but Stable Baselines v3 rely on PyTorch.

Organizing contests with judges


AlphaGo and Alpha Zero

In December 2016 we presented it at ENS Paris-Saclay with Étienne Simon but apparently I never wrote a blog post in the end.

Six dates importantes en algorithmique

Algorithme d’Euclide (qui date peut-être de l’école de Pythagore 530 av. J.C.)

Quadrangle Inequality trick for dynamic programs

Application: Given an ordered list of keys with frequencies, build a binary search tree on those keys which minimizes the average query cost.

Pareto optimality

Compute the pareto set of a given set of points in 2 or 3 dimensions.

Multiplying polynomials

You are given two polynomials $P$ and $Q$ and want to compute their product. The polynomials are given in form of an array with their coefficients.

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