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Algo II cheatsheet


Lesson 1: Intro, Tue 12 Jan 13:30

See slides (soon)

Lesson 2: Pathfinding in Paris, Thu 14 Jan 8:00

See problem statement

Lessons 3 & 4: Dynamic Programming

Lesson 5: Dynamic Programming & Reinforcement Learning

Lesson 6 & 7: Matchings

Lesson 8 & 9: Matchings & Flows

Please read these problems for next time. You can attempt a submission for the first two; for the third one only on the testcase given in example.

Lesson 10: Pathfinding and dynamic programming

Identify what is the dynamic programming objective in Bellman-Ford and Floyd-Warshall shortest path algorithms.

Lesson $N - 1 = 11$: Exam I

  • By groups of 2 or 3

Lesson $N = 12$: Exam II

  • Individual