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How to practice algorithms with tryalgo

Hey, if you want to improve your skills in algorithmic problem solving, you don’t even need an online judge!

Searching a substring


Alternating direction method of multipliers

Introducing ADMM!

Representing graphs in Python

How to represent a graph in Python ?

Iterative Machine Teaching

This is a random discussion surrounding the ICML 2017 paper Iterative Machine Teaching.

Sieve of Eratosthenes

Compute for every integer n between 0 and N (excluded), the minimum number of operations to reduce it to zero. Allowed operations: decrease by 1 or divide by a factor, not larger than its square root.

PQ trees

Given a collection of sets over some ground set, find an order on the ground set such that every set consists of consecutive (contiguous) elements.

Covering points with a strip

Given n points in the 2-dimensional plane find a strip with minimal width that covers all the points.